About Us

Deyrah Dexters was established in 1999 and is located in the beautiful Derwent Valley. Our property borders the Derwent River, just upstream from New Norfolk.

We breed both purebred and grade (part bred) Dexters and offer both for sale. The Deyrah herd includes both horned and polled (hornless) cattle. All our cattle display the quiet Dexter temperament and most are halter trained.

We always welcome visitors with an interest in Dexter cattle. Deyrah Dexters is committed to breeding small cattle with that wonderful docile Dexter temperament.

Beefy Little Milkers

Dexter cattle are a dual purpose breed, which have both beef and dairy qualities. They originated in Ireland in the early 1800s and were first introduced into Australia in the 1880s. Dexters are a proven and established cattle breed, long known for their excellent meat and ample milk.

Dexter cattle are the smallest naturally occurring British cattle breed, standing at around one metre tall. With a docile and even temperament, they are easily trained which together with their small size, makes them ideally suited to the small property owner.

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